Luhan, Xiumin @ 140415 EXO 2nd Mini Album “Overdose” Comeback Show Case.


Diss is Infinite Ep. 4 → (Myungsoo)

camera-loving myungsoo

myungsoo attempting girls’ day ‘expectation’ dance + getting super embarrassed


Girl’s Day’s expectation INFINITE ver


Myungsoo's retarded crooked laugh~

Fake film: 10 Years.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Morgan & Asa Butterfield.

Drama ► 10 years follows the lives of three brothers after their parents are accused of fraud. John (Benedict Cumberbatch), the oldest of the brothers and successful businessman is given guardianship of his youngest brother Liam (Asa Butterfield), a very bright but rebellious little boy. The middle child Joshua (Colin Morgan), an estranged musician, returns home for the trial.